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Each cup of the plastic bra had an opening on the top of
it. The cups were way too big and the edges were a good
four or five inches away from her nipples. The old black
man took one cylinder and slowly poured the cold water
and leech into the opening. The black tit master did the
same to the other side. With the water added, the level
of the water came to just above the nipple.

With the cold water touching her tender nipples now, my
wife squirmed and moaned and her nipples shot out another
hot stream of her milk. The leeches now attacked her
nipples. They attached to each nipple and started sucking
her nipple meat into their suckers.

My wife screamed and struggled to get away from them but
really wanted her leeches to milk her. Slowly they began
to swell sucking out my wife’s milk and slowly she
started to arch her back and letting them have their way
with her exposed nipples.

The old man now opened a hole in the bottom of each
plastic bra cup and let the water drain out onto her
belly. The more the leeches sucked the more my wife
enjoyed it. It was constant and steady sucking. The
leeches held on even when my wife thrust her tits out and
gave out a strong stream of tit milk. It nearly made the
leeches let go but they continued sucking and sucking and
moving up her nipples till they almost devour the length
of the nipples. After a few minutes my wife started to
show her black lovers that she could take the leeches and
could out last their feeding off of her milk tits.

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